Bulbophyllums for Sale at The Orchid Trail

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  • Most of these seedlings are near flowering size.
    A few are flowering size.

  • All are in 4-inch pots and ready to be moved up.

  • All are the larger flowered types that bloom sequentially over several months.
ID Number and Parentage Description
9461. Bulb. carunculatum x self 3- to 4-inch yellowish flowers on medium sized plants. $20.00
No photo currently available.
9555. Bulb. echinolabium ‘Paul’ x Bulb. echinolabium ‘Orchid Trail’ Flowers can be up to 12 inches. Large light pinkish star-shaped flowers with a dark red lip. $20.00
No photo currently available.
9815. Bulb. Wilbur Chang (Bulb. echinolabium x Bulb. carunculatum) Nice blend of the two parents. $20.00
No photo currently available.
9816. Bulb. JoAnne Hartzler (Bulb. echinolabium x Bulb. sulawesii) Flowers should be like a smaller, darker echinolabium. $20.00
No photo currently available.

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